BestPigeons All-Inclusive

Best Pigeons is Full for the Remainder of 2023 Spring Season.  We will not be taking in anymore live pigeons but can post your pigeons for you for 15% commission.  We post you ship.

BestPigeons All-Inclusive:


*  Housing the pigeon until completion of auction

*  In-house professional photography 

*  Posting of pigeons on the Auction Site 

*  Shipping to buyer once payment is complete 

*  A commission of 25% 

*  Seller approval required prior to shipping pigeons - contact Frank at 

*  $25 per pigeon fee to cover our photo costs and labor

*  Pigeons listed up to three times

*  We reserve the right to charge administrative and care costs if the seller withdraws a bird(s) from auction 

*  Pigeons that do not sell at auction and are returned will be shipped to seller at seller's expense

*  If the owner does not reclaim an unsold bird, within 30 days, the pigeon becomes property of the auction site

*  The auction is not responsible for any pigeons that die under our care


* For customers interested, please contact Frank at