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Pictured is Dr. Dominic deKeratry and legend Roland Janssens

Recently, I have focused my efforts on the development of birds from Roland Janssens in Belgium. As you may know, Roland and his late father Julien raised and raced the famous “White Bandit” who won 17 x 1st. The Bandit and some of his relatives were brought to the U.S. in the 1980s by the pigeon Master Chic Brooks and a dynasty was born.  They have won major competitions all over the world. 

Roland Janssens is not a commercial loft and does not have a website.  He dominates year after year in Belgium.  Everyone wants to find a small loft with major results. Here it is!  Most chase the highly marketed pigeons, but the true great pigeons do not need marketing programs.  Roland Janssens concentrates on winning and gives no thoughts to selling.  

I reached out to Roland Janssens a couple of years ago and was able to import some birds directly from his loft. These birds have common ancestry with Chic’s birds from Hapyco Lofts. Roland has continued to win season after season. 

Roland and his family blessed me with generous hospitality.  The birds that were procured from his loft are all proven Champion racers and breeders. To an individual, they are masterpieces in the hand. They are full of character. They also have feathers of silk, super muscle, perfect buoyancy and are excellent parents.

These birds are acclaimed sprinters. However, it seems that their main advantage is an ability to rapidly orient to their circumstances; then make a bee-line for home.

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