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Christopher Loft has a very good selection of 2023 bred birds from our super stock loft. Which includes the best of Porsche 911, Geerinckx, Jelle Roziers plus a few other special ones. Children to the following plus more will be offered.

Porsche 911 lines 2 sons and 1 daughter to Porsche 911, 1 son and 2 daughters Prince Porsche, Son of Boxster, 2  sons 1 daughter New Freddy ect.

Geerinckx lines Son of Blue Lagoon, Daughter of Acy Son of Fluwelen 18 Several grandchildren of Gladiator and Witekop Sylvester. Minster bred 1st Hoosier Classic. ect. 

 Jelle Roziers son of Whitey Bart full brother Jolie L, Daughter Seven, Full brother New Queen L, Double gr. son Queen L, Son of Oklahoma daughter Brother Seven ect.   

 Almost all above listed birds have already bred big winners and breeders of winners.Examples follow:

1 of our Porsche 911 sons bred 7th Nat'l Bourges 10,359 birds 

Our other son 911 his daughter has bred us 4 one loft winners many other children have bred winners for others. 

Our Minster Geerinck cock bred 1st Hoosier winning $175,000

Our 77 double gr. daughter Gladiator children and gr. children in just the last 2 years have won over $100,000 for us and customers. 

Big Bart son Fluwelen 18 in 2 days last season one daughter bred 1st Flying D winning $67,500 a different daughter next day bred 1st Florida winning $20,700 

Just this month a son to our Brother Jolie L bred for Great Dane loft the bird that was 1st 250 miles 1st 300 miles and 1st 350 miles in the Trappers Loop race. 

One of our New Freddy bred while in Belgium 2nd Best Old Bird 7 National races 2019

Our son of Wolverine has bred 3 eq. 1st final race one loft winners including just last week 1 on the drop at the Trappers loop. The 3 were bred 1 with a Roziers hen 1 with our 77 Geerinckx hen and 1 with a Porsche hen.

Sold a one loft winning son of our Brother New Queen L last season just learned his 1st baby was a one loft winner for Hess Loft last week. I could go on and on with this list but will stop here. 

 We are overstocked and will be selling some proven breeders of winners in this sale, plus some returning one loft race birds from 2023 that were winners. There will be many super birds in this sale we can't keep them all unfortunately. Yours in the Sport Ken