GB 19 F 30593 Van Dyck and Koopman!


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Lot 4 GB 19 E 30593 CHEQ C

A brilliant combination of Old Line Van Dyck and Gerrard Koopman, these familys are responsible for some of the best pigeons in the world and will never go out of fashion.

Sire “Champion Super 44” a truly great National pigeon scoring 3 times in the tp 30 over the channel in France. He won 2nd Section 6th Open NFC Fougeres 7000b 2017, he also won 2nd Section (landed with winner), 29th Open NFC Ancenis 4500b, 9th Sect 30th Open NFC Messac 5000b, and 19th Sect 225th Open NFC Saintes etc. GSire B04 6468274 bred by D Van Dyck from a full brother of Rambo 3 x 1st Antwerp Union and sire of Kannibaal 1st Nat Ace KBDB and Dne Bourges 2nd Nat Bourges, when paired to a direct dtr of Rambo. GDam “389” a super breeding hen, full sister to 2 x 1st Section G NFC and a super hen herself being dam of 2 x 2nd Sction, she is from Diamond Geezer, he actually sired 3 x 1st Section NFC and was paired to Lady Luck, ace breeding hen direct from Dirk Van Dyck, a gdtr of Kannibaal and Den Bourges

Dam “Ryhme” bred by Peter Fox, I requested peter to make this pairing especially for me, Inbred to the Famous Drum and Dtuch Master, both super breeders and to concentrate the genes of the very best that Peter has owned in the last 15 years! Drum and DutchMaster are full brothers of course and both bred from TIPS a son of Klein Dirk paired to a sister Klein Dirk. GERRIE is a direct daughter of Klein Dirk and she is probably his best ever breeding daughter. Most fanciers will immediately

realise the potential of hen as a superior cross for any other top-class performance lines for Classic and National racing. GSire is REBEL a direct son of the Super Pair DRUM x GERRIE (daughter Klein Dirk). GDam is HALO a dtr of Dutch Master and Gerrie. Its not an understatement to say that Drum is possibly the most talented breeder of the last decade in the UK.  $160 import fee to be added to the price of the pigeon.  .