GEERINCKX Collection by Beverdam


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The great Geerinckx Collection of Beverdam.  Outside of Geerinckx himself, no one has better Geerinckx pigeons than Beverdam.  Pigeons in super health in Massachusetts and ready to ship.  

An introduction of one of the topflyers and succesfull breeders of Holland for many years.

Herman Beverdam is the third generation of pigeons flyers in his family. His father and his grandfather were very succesfull fanciers in the 1920’s up to National Level. After the world-war there we no pigeons at the home of the Beverdams anymore, all slaughtered or seized by the occupants and it was Herman that did bring the first pigeons back to his house. These were fancy pigeons did wake the old fire in pigeon racing of his father. Hermans father and grandfather knew the very best fanciers and the start was with birds of Janssen Brothers and Maurice Delbar. As a little kid Herman was allowed to handle the most celebrated champions of that time. In the period that Herman was succefully racing with his father he did learn a lot from the all time greats in pigeons sport and the natural talent in selection could be refined. The breeding technikes, the family building, Herman was a good student ! After the death of his father Herman had to walk on his own feet and he used his skills. The many visits to Janssen Brothers in Arendonk, the very private talks with Charles Janssen, he was educated in the ins and outs of the Janssen strain. The introduction of the Karel Meulemans family in 1976 was another big jump ahead and Herman did keep this family as pure as can be. The BEVERDAM JANSSENS became a household name in pigeon sport. Because of the popularity of the Janssen strain and having the very best ever to leave Janssen Brothers lofts, the great demand for his pigeons, Herman turned professional in 1979. This means that the pigeon-business became his work and he tried to make a living of it. His exceptional results in his own lofts and in the lofts of his clients made his name famous world wide. It would fill pages to show his fine results through the years, believe me they can match any loft! In later years Herman introduced other exceptional families of pigeons to perfectionise his breeding. You will be hearing from them in a later stage, what they are and the success with them.

Now we are 35 years later and Herman Beverdam is a well-respected name in pigeonsport world wide. His knowledge of breeding pigeons, creating and keeping families at their purest, his results are the foundation of the BEVERDAM RACING STUD in Enter. The lofts where many fancier did improve his stock, his results and got the knowledge how to maintain his successful bloodlines.

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