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Do not miss this Auction with the supreme Genetics of Mix and Luke Donald! 

" MIX " - 1st 2018 SAMDPR Final with 18 minutes ahead!

" MIX " is granddam to "JOANE OSBORNE " - 1st ACE 2020 SAMDPR Grand Averages

Granddam to VL 4/20 - Equal 1st 350 miles Hoosier One Loft Final Race Winner of $ 175 000!!

Granddam to "HANNA WELTON" - 4th 2020 Carnival Allflight Summer Race Final 2021 & 3rd Ace Pigeon, 3rd Hot Spot Winner!

Granddam to ZA JJJ 89/19 - 3rd ACE & 5th Final Carnival Summer Race Final 2020, 7th HS 3, 11th HS 4!!

Granddam to " JAY EVELYN" - 2 X Equal 1st SAMDPR Hot Spots 4 & 5!

Granddam to ZA 178668/19 JOAN OSBORNE - 1st ACE SAMDPR Grand Averages 2020

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Best Pigeons would like to introduce the United States to an untapped resource of the best One Loft Race pigeons ever to race in South Africa.  These pigeons have dominated one loft racing and federation racing throughout an entire country and now the Globe.  If you are a serious one loft racing or want to destroy your combine add a pigeon from Out of Africa Lofts!  

For more information Click Here:   These pigeons are in Massachusetts in perfect health and ready to breed!  There are no additional fees other than USPS shipping and box from me to you!

Few Highlights: 

" LUKE DONALD "- 3rd SUN CITY FINAL RACE WINNER - Cream of George Oswald Afrika Koppel Fame. Sire to 'AMERIOS 1" - 22nd SCMDPR FINAL

Grandsire to  " MIX " - 1st SCMDPR Final 2018.  Great ggrandsire to 1st International Carnival Final Race 2019 for Bela Visa Trust

Full brother to "SHIROCCO" -15th SCMDPR Final

Grandsire to "JADZIA" - 7th SCMDPR 2018! For JJJ LOFTS "DERO" - 8th SCMDPR Final Race Winner LOT 24 - Gaddin Sale

Out of Africa Vision and Mission:

For many years it has been our vision to purchase the very best pigeons available, locally and overseas, to strengthen and complement the stud’s top genetic pool, preferably a few of the very best of each family.

This enables us to line breed our different families back to the winning genetics for later out crosses to other top line bred performance families. 

We always strive to purchase the Super Breeders and the Super Racers themselves together with their winning and super breeding progeny!

Where possible, we purchase as close to the winning genetics as possible.

Above strategy have enabled us to breed super racers to super racers, super racers to super breeders and super breeders to super breeders.

We believe that each breeder’s pedigree must be filled with performance bloodlines, winning generation after generation.

We believe that performance based families for many generations breeds performing racers. 

Not every pigeon we sell can breed winners, but we strive to breed from our best.


To compete at the highest level with top results.

To supply top quality stock birds as well as racing kits to our clients.

To improve our own winning strains by introducing our Club, Division, Organisation & National Ace Pigeon Winners back into the lines they were bred from to further strengthen our genetics..