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ZG-Helios Kittel & Performance Collection.  Olaf Gehrken has one of the top Kittel performance lofts in the sport.  This loft is also the creator of the Bravehart family.  The Bravehart pigeons have massive One Loft Race results for the owner and everyone that touches them.  Get in on this bloodline.  Best Pigeons was the first to introduce the Bravehart pigeons to the USA.  Do not be late to this party! One of the Auction highlights of the season.  You cannot miss this Auction if you are looking a superstar loft with incredible One Loft Performance Pigeons! 

ZG HELIOS Breeding Association-AUCTION

Dear Sports Friends,

Since the founding of the ZG HELIOS Breeding Association is more than 25 years ago, its members Dietmar Schulz in East Germany, Bruno Bucher in Switzerland, Yu Tao in China, Dr. Matthias Warzecha and Olaf Gehrken in Northern Germany have the general breeding goal:

Breeding of a high-performing, hereditary pigeon family with an emphasis on mold breeding.

With the focus on a participation in one loft races, which has been taking place for a number of years, fast and resilient pigeons are bred, which are already able to deal positively and successfully as youngsters with changing climatic and other conditions.

In the years 2019-21 the pigeons of the ZG Helios won:


1. Pr. Victoria Falls Hot Spot 450 km, 2.049 pig. (grandchildren „ARES“)

1. Pr. Fauna 460 km, 244 pig. (great-grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

7. Ace-Pigeon Golden Race Algarve (5.538 pig.) (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

9. Pr. Victoria Falls 619 km, 1.482 pig.

9. Pr. DapiRace 400 km, 775 pig.

13. Pr. Golden Race Algarve 505 km, 3.522 pig.

16. Pr. Victoria Falls 619 km, 1.482 pig. (grandchildren „ARES“)

17. Pr. Golden Race Algarve Silver Race 297 km, 3.895 pig. (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

20. Pr. Ostseerennen 468 km, 1.281 pig. (great-grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“ + „ARES“)

2020: …

1. Pr. Euro-Star 550 km, 255 pig., one pigeon first day, (mother: Sister „Braveheart 1340“) …

1. Pr. Moledo Atlantic Coast Finale 435 km, 167 pig. (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“ 3. Ace-Pigeon and 6. Pr. Sofia Finale, 420 km, 962 pig. (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“) …

3. Ace-Pigeon Algarve Golden Race (5.412 pig.) . (grandchildren „ARES“)

4. Pr. German Classic Finale, 320 km, 242 pig. (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“) 8. Ace-Pigeon Moledo Atlantic Coast (greatgrandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

10. Pr. Moledo Yearlings Finale 483 km, 371 pig. + 1. Pr. 306 km, 403 pig.

13. Pr. Albanien Finale 405 km, 219 pig.

15. Pr. Usedom Ostseerennen Finale 501 km, 1.508 pig.

19. Pr. Super Star Finale 450 km, 144 pig.

22. Pr. Ostseerennen Finale 457 km, 942 pig.

22. Pr. Europa Masters 421 km, 784 Tb. +

32. Pr, 352 km, 994 Tb. (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

30. Pr. Europa Masters Finale 505 km, 632 pig.


1. Ace-Pigeon Speed Moledo Yearlings 2.153 pig. (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

1. Ace-Pigeon Fauna, 1.022 pig. (great-grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“) …

1. Super-Cup-Winner Ostseerennen (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“) …

2. Pr. Ostseerennen 436 km, 701 pig.(grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

2. Ace-Pigeon OverAll Moledo Yearlings 2.153 pig. (great-grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

3. Ace-Pigeon AS Golden Race GR 1.682 pigeons (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“) …4. Pr. Moledo Atlantic Coast Finale 434 km, 386 pig. …

6. Ace-Pigeon Ostseerennen (great-grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“) …

6. Pr. Rimini Winter Race Finale 501 km, 129 pig. (great-grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

8. Ace-Pigeon Fauna, 1.022 pig. (great-grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

14. Pr. Moledo Yearlings Finale 483 km, 508 pig. (great-grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

15. Pr. Sofia Finale, 420 km, 1.196 pig. (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

16. Pr. Algarve Golden Race (497 km, 4.565 pig.)

17. Pr. Derby Albania (437 km, 358 pig.)

18. Pr. Zagreb (500 km, 775 pig.)

26. Pr. Ostseerennen 436 km, 701 pig.(grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

27. Pr. Europa Masters 454 km, 889 pig. (mother is sister „Braveheart 1340“)

29. Pr. Europa Masters 454 km, 889 pig. (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

38. Pr. AS Golden Winter Race GR 480 km, 346 pig. (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“) 46. Pr. Algarve Golden Race (497 km, 4.565 pig.) (grandchildren: „Braveheart 1340“)

Successes of other fanciers 2019-21 / one parent is from ZG Helios-Loft

1. Pr. Kalimanci 2021, 515 km, 1.342 pig. - Karl Heinz Wichert (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

1. Pr. Europa Masters 2020, 632 pig. 505 km - SG Wilß (greatgrandchildren „ARES“)

3. Pr. Ostseerennen 2019, 468 km, 1.281 pig., - Ulrich Timmermann (greatgrandchildren „ARES“)

4. Pr. Golden Race GR 2020, 410 km, 789 pig. - Simon Wolf (grandchilden „Braveheart 1340)

5. Pr. Ostseerennen 2020 457 km, 942 pig. - Ulrich Timmermann (greatgrandchildren «ARES“)

5. Pr. Costa de la Luz 2020, 500 km, 312 pig. - Karl Heinz Wichert (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

8. Pr. Krakus 2021, 507 km, 1.314 p. - Dietmar Kaiser, (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

8. Pr. Mira 2019 415 km, 1.300 pig. and 5. Ace-Pigeon - Simon Wolf (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

9. Pr. Talent Quatro 2020, 420 km, 1.074 pig. - Karl Heinz Wichert (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

12 Pr. Derby Albania 2021, 437 km, 358 p. - Dietmar Kaiser, (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

15. Pr. Victoria Falls 2019 619 km, 1.482 pig. - Altmiks-Soudy-Pigeons (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

26. Pr. Algarve Golden Race 2020, 496 km, 3.036 p. - Dietmar Kaiser, (grandchildren „Braveheart 1340“)

The descendants of the ZG HELIOS Basic-Breeders "Braveheart 1340" and "ARES", whose children and grandchildren have largely contributed to the success of the ZG Helios in the last decade, are combined with the best pigeons that are available in Europe.

Dirk van den Bulck's pigeons are certainly one of the current one’s pigeons with the highest priority worldwide. There are only a few breeders who can consider themselves lucky to be able to call originals from this exceptional breeder their own, which were still bred on his loft in Grobbendonk.

When we first visited Dirk van den Bulck in 2012, we were enthusiastic about his pigeons. We ordered a round of young pigeons in 2013 and took our future top breeder "Dirk", a brother of "Olympic Rosita", with us on the journey home.

We are glad, that we were able to win the first basic pigeons of this international exceptional loft for the ZG Helios before the hype about Dirk van den Bulck started. We have been able to maintain personal contact continuously, so that in recent years we have regularly received originals from Dirk's top pigeons.

On our ZG HELIOS breeding loft, Dirk's originals take care of offspring: a brother and a sister "Olympic Rosita"; a sister "Kittel"; a sister “Olympic Kittel”, a brother “La Machine”, “EOS”, a granddaughter of the “Pitbull” and a daughter “Olympic Kittel”.

In the past few years, we have also received incredibly high-performance pigeons from Stefaan Lambrechts. He is a fancier who is very well connected in the core area of the Belgian-Pigeon-Sport and is always looking for the even better pigeons. After new introductions by Gert Heylen, Rudy van Reeth, Jos van den Brande and Jos Maris, our ZG Helios will continue to introduce and test one or the other round of a new Belgian top loft through the mediation of Stefaan Lambrechts.

With one son each of the “TopStar” and the “XTRA” as well as a few females from special top pigeons, we have proven breeding pigeons from the best of the Belgian-Champion-Loft Raoul ad Xavier Verstraete. The offspring from the children of our “TopStar” and the “XTRA” son are very successful at the one loft races year after year - ideal pigeons for combination with the other successful families of our ZG Helios.

For the first time we are offering pigeons in an auction in the USA. Many thanks to FCI world champion Simon Wolf, who has also been successful with the offspring “Braveheart 1340” and “ARES” in recent years.

Simon made this contact and made the auction possible.

If you have any questions about the pigeons, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a successful 2021 season.

Best wishes Olaf Gehrken

ZG HELIOS Breeding Association

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