Dieter Wöhr German Racing One Loft Superstar


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Dieter Wöhr German Racing One Loft Superstar  Young from his Best Pigeons.   

No need to chase "Flavor of the Month Pigeons" when you have the opportunity to buy the top pigeons from a loft that dominates both One Loft Racing as well as Racing at the home loft.  USA fanciers continually are years behind on what is special and these pigeons are special. Buy these pigeons now because in five years you will be wishing you did.  

See Racing Pigeon Digest December 1st edition for more information and his race record!  Dieter is close friends with the great Dirk Van Dyck

10/5/2021: The 21-"139" became the 4th AS pigeon Middle Distance at the Atlantic Moledo Race 2021 in Portugal. She was bred by One Loft Race specialist Simon Wolf out of a daughter "FENOMEEN".

At the Victoria Falls World Pigeon Race the QAHP20-32537 became

3.Grand Average pigeon over 22 price flights

and 4th Super AS pigeon

Winner of 53.000 Dollar and was auctioned on Pipa for 27.000.-Euro.

Her mother, 08582-14-194 is an original pigeon of mine and was bred from my Dirk van Dyck pigeons.

Dieter Wöhr

3rd German monthly winner July at Brieftaubensport International

3rd German monthly winner May at Brieftaubensport International

6e "GOUDEN DUIF" winner of Germany May Snelheid

6e "GOUDEN DUIF" Winner of Germany June Halve Fond

6e "GOUDEN DUIF"-winner of Germany July Halve Fond

1.RV Champion 2021

1.RV female champion 2021

1st Best + 2nd Best Yearling Female 2021

5 x 1st Price 2021

The best and fifth best young pigeon 2021 in the RV Bergisch-Gladbach was bred by the top beat Georg and Veronika Fröhlingsdorf out of a daughter "FENOMEEN". 1st RV Young Flight Championship.

12.9.2021: The 3rd at the final flight of the Upland-Derbys, 336km, was bred by SG Klein-Minnerup out of a daughter "FENOMEEN".

At Sabrina Brugmans in Belgium, the 21-548 an original pigeon of mine, bred from grandson "FENOMEEN", flies the 2e prize Provincial of La Souterraine, 587km

On 4/20/2021 the "FENOMEEN" granddaughter flew again a top price at Sabrina Brugmans: 4th against 3.055 pigeons!!!

6.4.2021: Last Saturday the B19-5043373 flew at Sabrina Brugmans in Belgium against 1.311 pigeons the 1st price.

This was for the 10th x the 1e that the "3373" flew.

The "3373" was bred from a daughter of "FENOMEEN".

At the SG Bialas/RV Soester-Boerde, a grandson "FENOMEEN" flew the 1e Konkurs and was the fastest of 12.525 young pigeons

Dieter Wöhr

1.superstar of the year 2019 from Germany-Snelheid at the "GOUDEN DUIF".

Sun-City-AS 2014 (HALOVER)

"HALOVER", the winner at the final flight in Sun-City 2014 from the unfortunately deceased Karl Ziefle,was bred from an original pigeon of mine. The mother comes from a son of "DI CAPRIO" which was mated with a daughter of my AS-bird "777", a son of the top sire "244".          

 "HALOVER" was auctioned after the victory by the American top breeder Mike Ganus.