AU 19 RMR 19274 DC Cock


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AU 19 RMR 19274 DC Cock donated by Kelly Fly of KFly Racing Pigeon Loft

OLR Results

2019 ~ 1st High Desert Yearling Challenge - 302 miles

2020 ~ 4th Plymouth Peak - 400 miles

2020 ~ 1st Pacific Northwest Challenge - 350 miles

2020 ~ 3rd High Desert Yearling Challenge - 302 miles

2021 ~ 6th Gold Country Challenge - 308 miles / 6th Ave Speed

RMR 19279 is really nice in the hand and has just sat in the stock loft unused

Dam: YAK 843.  Her sire was seventy ninth in the SAMDPR and was put back over his mother, "New Birdy", when arriving back in the U.S.

AU 2016 YAK 843 Description: AU 2016 YAK 843 "Little Birdy" Blk.Chk.Hen is the 1st youngster bred out of "Bill" when he returned from the Million $ Race in So. Africa 2015-2016. "Bill" placed 79th. on the final race and money prize winner. His father is "Bill Vegas" winner of the 2010 Vegas Classic and $29,000. "Bill Vegas" father won the Vegas Classic in 2009 and $45,000! "Bill" is mated back to his mother!!!! "New Bolt", her mother is the sister to Klaas world famous "Birdy" winner of OLR SAMDPR and $250,000. Then sold to Kitchenbrand for $100,000. She is the best racer/breeder ever produced from the So. African Million $ Pigeon Race! "New Bolt" father is "Mr. Bolt" 1st. Region Ace cock against 35,196 birds. "New Bolt" is the sister to Nanez "Dark Horse" father of "Horse Reliable", 4th place and 2nd. average speed winner final,SAMDPR and $40,000. "New Bolt" produced 2 OLR winners in 2015! "Bill" x "New Bolt" mating. (son x mother). 

Sire KFLY 1601 ended up 149th in the SAMDPR the same year "Little Miss Niki" won it. GFL showed sending eighty seven birds that year and only two flew better than KFLY 1601 during the final race. AFL showed sending twenty two birds and only one flew better than KFLY 1601 during the final. We know what great One Loft genetics are in GFL and AFL lofts, so this says alot about KFLY 1601. 

The beneficiary of our fund raising auction will be Building Homes for Heroes an organization that builds homes for wounded veterans with special needs, and then hands these homes over to the veterans and their families, mortgage free.  By the end of 2020 they had gifted 255 homes and hope to reach 300 homes gifted by early 2022, and the milestone 500th home by 2025.

In 2018, we raised $3707, in 2019 we raised $4100 and in 2020 we raised $5000.  Please participate with us in 2021 to again help our wounded veterans.

Auctions will run November - January.  If you would like to donate one or more birds for this fund raising auction, there is more information in the infosheet included with this auction, or contact BestPigeons as they will also list for us here.

Bird's ship from the donator's loft. Shipping is $60 + 10 for each additional bird shipping from the same donator's loft at the same time.