B-13-3160520 Original Geno Clicque


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  • Published: December 16, 2021 9:58 am
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B-13-3160520 Black Cock Original Geno Clicque purchased at the same auction in 2017 where Gino Clicque sold the Golden Prince for 360,000 Euros ($382,320).  In the same auction "Argentina" half sister to B-13-3160520 sold for 36,000 Euros ($38,232).  Gino Clicque's auction total was 2,145,375 Euros ($2,278,388).

Donated by Eduardo Gómez and Rosabel Brenan.  60% of sale price will go to Building Homes for Heroes

Included with this cock will be his grandaughter which is also a grandaughter of Blade from Yoannys sainz Q-ba Family Loft

B-13-3160520 is a very good breeder for me.  I started flying in OLR in 2020. That year, I send a daughter for Hoosier Classic and she win in the final race the place 154th and 82nd Ave Speed.  A grandson in the same race was 596th place and at 400 miles place 46th.  Another granddaughter the same year but in the Florida Pigeon Derby was equal 1st place 10th in the clock at 180 miles.  This year at Hoosier Classic a grandson place 329th in the final race and 142nd Ave Speed.  I have a small loft with many sons and daughters and grand kids of B-13-3160520 so I am donating 60% of the sale price to Building Homes for Heroes.  I am also giving free to the buyer a black granddaughter that is also a granddaughter of Blade a black cock from  Q-ba loft.  B-13-3160520 has bred well for me every year, including in 2021.  I did send a daughter to the Hossier in 2021, but she was lost before training started.  ~ Eduardo Gómez 

Additional Photos are of Argentina (half sister of B-13-3160520) sold for 36,000 Euros

A composite photo of Argenta and Argenton Boy 537 (nestbrothers of Argentina). and Lady Blue (daughter of Black 085 mother of B-13-3160520)

A composite photo with July (full sister to father of B-13-3160520)

A composite photo of three children of July

A composit photo of two children (Happy 18 & Charlotte) of Black 85 the mother of B-13-3160520

A photo of Blade, a photo of B-13-3160520 on a perch, a photo of the 2021 Hoosier youngster out of B-13-3160520 and a photo sent to me yesterday Dec 16th (the photo is dated Feb 15th, 2021) showing B-13-3160520 and his mate standing in the upper nest area for their second round, with their first round of two healthy youngsters underneath - they bred two rounds in 2021 with both yourgsters harched in each round very healthy, that is 100% fertility in 2021.

The beneficiary of our fund raising auction will be Building Homes for Heroes an organization that builds homes for wounded veterans with special needs, and then hands these homes over to the veterans and their families, mortgage free.  By the end of 2020 they had gifted 255 homes and hope to reach 300 homes gifted by early 2022, and the milestone 500th home by 2025.

In 2018, we raised $3707, in 2019 we raised $4100 and in 2020 we raised $5000.  Please participate with us in 2021 to again help our wounded veterans.

Auctions will run November - January.  If you would like to donate one or more birds for this fund raising auction, there is more information in the infosheet included with this auction, or contact BestPigeons as they will also list for us here.

Bird's ship from the donator's loft. Shipping is $60 + 10 for each additional bird shipping from the same donator's loft at the same time.